How to Make Money Beekeeping With Honey Bees

How to Make Money Beekeeping With Honey Bees

There are many things you can do to make sure your exploits in beekeeping  are both rewarding and profitable, from buying specialist equipment to reading guides written by professional apiculturists. However, one of the most important steps is learning a few things about your bees themselves. Bees are complex creatures and even a little knowledge on how they work in a colony will help you take care of them.

Before you start getting to know your own bees, you should take the time to find out the rules of beekeeping in your local area. Many states vary greatly on what they allow with apiculture and rules can change from state to state. Part of this includes researching how you will sell your honey once you have a productive hive. You should think about who your key consumers would be (for example, people who want a natural alternative to sugar) and whether there is an abundance of these consumers in your area. If not, you may have to think about distributing your honey further afield and what additional costs and problems this may cause.

Knowing how and why honey bees make honey is also important. Most people do not realize that honey is made by the bees as a back-up food for the tough winter months. Because of this, if you are ill prepared to offer your bees an alternative food source during this time you may find that they end up eating your end product! It is also important to learn facts about bees that most people do not know. For example, did you know the average bee will live for only 35 days? After this, their wings are no longer adequate for flight and they outlive their purpose for the colony, and so die. Having a colony with sufficient numbers of bees to counteract this ensures that this won’t be a problem in later months.

There are also a variety of ways that you can make money from the honey itself. Most beekeepers sell what is known as liquid honey. This is the more common honey that is obtained with the use of extractors and is the product you will usually see in the supermarket. However, you can also sell pieces of the honey comb itself to people who prefer natural products with a more wholesome flavor. It is harder for them to apply this honey than the liquid variety, but the great taste more than makes up for it!

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