Build Your Own Beehive

Build this Warre bee hive from Nick Winter's plans

So beekeeping for beginners, – you can build your own bee hive!  It’s really very easy if you know how to use a hammer and saw.  I built my own bee hive.  It might not be quite as fancy as the commercially bought hive my beekeeping friends down the road have, but it was a fraction of the cost – and guess what!  The bees can’t tell the difference!  I also had a real sense of satisfaction from building it.  And when I need a new section – I build it.  I can have a new box built and treated in an evening. This is ideal for both experienced beekeepers and beginners.

Nick Winters - Warre Beekeeper, Beehive Builder

The DIY Bee Hive Build Your Own Garden Hive by Nick Winters is a very clear set of instructions with video demonstations, taking you step by step through how to build your own bee hive.  They aren’t free, and there are free plans out there on the internet for bee hives, but you can waste more money and time trying to follow them without any proper guide (been there!).  You really can’t go wrong with DIY Bee Hive which, in my view, makes it a worthwhile investment.

The best part about it though is that you will be building a Warre bee hive.  This is a bee hive which allows the bees to build their own comb, hanging from the top bars that you give them.  Most people start with something like a Langstroth or a National, which is what I have.  Not only do the foundation and frame kits cost a small fortune, but it has gradually dawned on me that this is not the most natural way for bees to live – being forced to conform to the wax foundation templates of hexagons that we humans have decided are the right size.  The jury is still out on why bees are struggling so much, but, just as natural living is healthier for us, allowing the bees to have a more natural hive must be better for them.  What a fantastic way to start your bee keeping.

My bees will be ready for splitting next season, so my second hive is going to be a Warre Garden Hive.  It will be fascinating to compare the two types of hives.  And yes – I’ll be following the The DIY Bee Hive Build Your Own Garden Hive plans to the letter!

The complete DIY Warre Bee Hive package



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